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League Membership Prospectus

Click the PDF link for information on our league, how we play the game, and our vision for the future. 

Image by Tareq Ajalyakin

The Keystone State Football League (KSFL) is a competitive 8-player football league formed to provide a sustainable alternative to the traditional 11-player format.  

As institutions of learning, the member schools of the KSFL are dedicated to the physical growth of the individual player and to developing personal character in our participants. The league develops strong student-athletes by promoting fair competition and modeling a level of sportsmanship that is exemplified by a healthy respect for opponents, officials, and others. 

League members strive to nurture these competitive values through discipline, teamwork and dedication that benefits players in all aspects of their lives, including social interaction, academic achievement, and athletic development. 

The member schools of the Keystone State Football League have agreed to cultivate these high ideals and to create uniformity of standards for fair and equitable competition, as well as, to modify and regulate these standards when needed to protect and promote the health and physical welfare of all participants.

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